Friday 28 January 2022

GoFundMe Suspends Access to Millions of Dollars Raised for Canadian Truckers Protesting Vaccine Mandates


Big Tech fundraising platform GoFundMe has suspended access to millions of dollars raised to support Canadian truckers who are protesting against vaccine mandates.

The platform, of course, did not block fundraisers related to the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020.

Approximately $5 million Canadian dollars were raised to support the trucker’s efforts, which is roughly $4 million US.

There are roughly 50,000 trucks participating in the “Freedom Convoy 2022,” which is heading to Ottawa to protest a vaccine mandate that requires drivers to be vaccinated or face a 14-day quarantine after arriving from the US.

GoFundMe claims that the funds “will be safely held” until the Freedom Convoy provides the documents “about how funds will be properly distributed.”

“We require that fundraisers be transparent about the flow of funds and have a clear plan for how those funds will be spent. In this case, we are in touch with the organizer to verify that information,” the platform’s spokeswoman, Rachel Hollis, told CTV News.

The fundraiser clearly stated that the money would be used to help the drivers cover “the costs of fuel first, and hopefully food and lodgings” to “ease the pressures” of their “arduous task.”

Tamara Lich, the organizer of the GoFundMe, took to Facebook to tell supporters not to worry.

“I am working with GoFundMe, trust me, we got this covered,” she said.


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