Tuesday 18 January 2022

Flashback: Biden Said ‘Dr. King’s Assassination Did Not Have the Worldwide Impact That George Floyd’s Death Did’


Joe Biden used Martin Luther King Day to push for the “voting rights” agenda that the administration has been trying to pass, but in 2020, he had other things to say about the civil rights icon’s assassination.

In June 2020, Biden said that “even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” comparing King to the late criminal.

Speaking in pre-recorded remarks before the National Action Network’s annual breakfast honoring King, Biden compared not passing his voting agenda to January 6.

“On this federal holiday that honors him, it’s not just enough to praise him. We must commit to his unfinished work to deliver jobs and justice, to protect the sacred right to vote,” Biden said.

“The attack on our democracy is real, from the January 6th insurrection to the onslaught of Republicans’ anti-voting laws in a number of states,” he said. “It’s no longer about who doesn’t get to vote. It’s about whether your vote counts at all. It’s about two insidious things, voter suppression and election subversion.”

America First congressional candidate Joe Kent quote-tweeted the 2020 video on Monday, writing “Dems like Biden feared MLK b/c he was leading a peaceful movement to make America live up to our founding ethos.”

“For the left, Floyd’s death presented the opportunity to burn cities, at the expense of minority communities, to further their agenda,” Kent continued. “It’s all about power politics.”

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