Tuesday 25 January 2022

DERANGED LEFTIST Goes Off On Bizarre Rant In Face Of Anti-Vax Mandate Protester: “Go the f**k home! Stop invading our territory!” [VIDEO]

 The Biden regime has completley failed at resolving the Covid-19 pandemic, as case numbers continue to hit record highs with the Omicron variant.  Rather than come up with a solution, Biden and his supporters have increased their aggressive rhetoric against the unvaccinated and vaccine skeptics.  Last month, Biden’s administration sent out a press release saying that the unvaccinated would face a ‘Winter of Death’.  This past week, Biden called on social media companies to censor people that publish ‘covid misinformation’.   His administration’s hateful rhetoric against the unvaccinated and vaccine skeptics has rubbed off on his supporters.  Nearly half of them think the unvaccinated should be thrown in concentration camps and vaccine skeptics imprisoned, according to a recent poll.  Today, at a protest opposing vaccine mandates in Washington D.C, a left wing activist berated demonstrators.


The activist can be heard accusing demonstrators of being white supremacists before calling President Trump a ‘loser’.  She ends her rant by telling the protesters to ‘go the f*ck home’ while getting in one demonstrators face.

Persecution of unvaccinated people and vaccine skeptics has went so far that some have argued that they should not receive medical care.  Today, an unvaccinated man died as a result of a hospital neglecting him and threatening to turn off his life support.

A recent study  found that people who are overly cautious about covid are worse at information processing and have a distorted view of risk, perhaps contributing to their hysterical responses towards people who are unvaccinated.

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