Tuesday 25 January 2022

BOOM! CNN Panel Sits In Silence As Guest Eviscerates Biden Regime [WATCH]

 Biden’s administration is in a shambolic state.  On the economic front, inflation is at record highs and the President is still dealing with the fallout from a supply chain crisis.  Biden claimed that he would be able to unify the United States, but it remains more divided than ever with the President making aggressive remarks towards his critics and Republicans alike.  On the foreign policy front, Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and has now brought us to the brink of war with Russia.  This week, a former Bush administration official was brought on CNN to discuss the state of the Biden administration.  CNN’s pundits, who are used to Bush officials criticizing Trump, likely hoped he would defend Biden.  Instead the official eviscerated him, discussing his failures on both the foreign and domestic front and his cratering approval ratings.  Becker News Reported

“CNN is the network where Democrat criticism goes to die. But this weekend, a guest evaded the network’s screening process and unleashed a savage takedown of Biden’s policies, all while the CNN regulars sat in astonished silence.

The brutal rant all started when Anderson Cooper turned to Scott Jennings, former Special Asst. to President George W. Bush, and asked him to remark on the Biden presidency.


“I think he has a lot of political problems,” he said. “And an AP poll came out this morning, only 28 percent of Americans want the sitting president to run for re-election. And fewer than half of Democrats.”

“This is a disaster,” he concluded.”

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