Wednesday 19 January 2022

Arizona GOP Candidate Kari Lake on OAN: Biden “Couldn’t Even Attract the Number of People at the Port-o-Johns” at a Trump Rally (VIDEO)


Arizona gubernatorial candidate spoke at the Trump rally in Florence, Arizona on Saturday night. Over 400,000 Americans tuned in to watch the event live on RSBN networks and Getter.

Kari Lake joined Dan Ball on One America News on Monday following the massive Trump rally this weekend. In typical Kari Lake fashion, she did not hold back. Lake compared the enthusiasm for President Trump to the enthusiasm for Joe Biden who “couldn’t even attract the number of people in line at the port-o-johns.”

DON’T hold back, Kari! Let’her rip…

Kari Lake: “Biden couldn’t even attract the number of people in line at the port-o-johns. We all know that. We all know that what they’re telling us about 2020 and Joe Biden’s popularity is completely full of it. They’re full of it and we’re not done. We understand what’s going on here.

They want us to just accept it. The left knows it was botched. The right knows it was botched. The establishment knows it was a botched election, and the media, the mainstream corrupt media knows it was a botched corrupt election and they just want us to accept it and deal with it, and we won’t. We will fight until we get honest elections.”

So true.


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