Saturday 4 December 2021

Leftists Fail in Virginia Recount: Republican State House Majority Affirmed, GOP Officially Taking Power

 Democrats failed Friday to overturn a Virginia House of Delegates seat in a recount, officially affirming Republican majority control of the Commonwealth’s lower chamber.

As Breitbart News previously reported, the Democrat-controlled Virginia House of Delegates was up for grabs on election night as Republicans led an upset in all three statewide races — handing Glenn Youngkin the governor’s mansion, Winsome Sears the lieutenant governorship, and Jason Miyares the Attorney General’s office.

On election night, it was clear that Republicans took control of the House from Democrats, but the question remained whether the lower chamber would have a 50-50 split or Republican majority control.

With incumbent Democrat Del. Alex Askew losing his seat to Republican challenger Karen Greenhalgh in the 85th House District, Republicans took a 51-48 majority, with one more recount underway that also appears favorable to the Republican challenger. On November 2, Askew, who represents a district in Virginia Beach, was behind by 127 votes, below the 0.5 percent margin needed to have a publicly funded recount. A panel of three circuit court judges met Friday to issue the result.

“Today’s result is just another confirmation that the people of Virginia last month rejected the far-left’s failed policies and voted for an optimistic future that empowers parents, brings safety to our streets, lowers costs, and supports small businesses,” Republican State Leadership Committee President Dee Duncan said of Greenhalgh’s win.

The second recount is in Hampton, Virginia, where incumbent Democrat Del. Martha M. Mugler has a 94-vote deficit to Republican A.C. Cordoza. That race will be called Wednesday by another panel of judges.

If Cordoza maintains his lead over Mugler, Republicans will have a 52-48 majority in Richmond heading into 2022.

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