Sunday 14 November 2021

Far Left San Francisco District Attorney Faces Recall That’s Even Supported By Democrats


Chesa Boudin is the far left district attorney in San Francisco who was elected with financial help from George Soros.

He has declined to prosecute numerous cases and as a result, San Francisco has descended into a hellscape of crime.

Now he is facing a recall election and even Democrats in the city are supporting it.

ABC News in California reports:

Enough signatures verified to vote on recall of SF DA Chesa Boudin, election officials say

San Francisco Department of Elections officials said Tuesday the department has certified a petition that seeks to recall San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, election officials said.

The special election to recall Boudin will take place on June 7, 2022, during the statewide primary election.

About two weeks ago, the group Safer SF Without Boudin announced it had already gathered 83,487 signatures from San Francisco voters who want to recall Boudin — well over the 30,000 needed to for the June ballot.

The group alleges that Boudin has failed to prioritize the public’s safety by being too lenient on repeat offenders.

Two former prosecutors with the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, former Assistant District Attorney Brooke Jenkins and former prosecutor Don du Bain, have joined the recall effort.

Safer SF Without Boudin has said the recall effort is Democratic-led.

People in San Francisco are tired of being terrified of living in their own city.

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