Sunday 24 October 2021

Kamala Heckled During Awkward Speech...”I have a motto: ‘I drink. I eat and I drink ‘no’ for breakfast”

 Kamala Harris wanted a crowd to hear her motto during a speech to promote the Build Back Better boondoggle. She said she eats and drinks no for breakfast. She’s delivered this schtick several times before and it got just about as much response…none. This is one of many comments from Harris that doesn’t hit the mark. Harris has also been repeatedly heckled over the past few days by her own party (see below).

She and Joe are in a race to the bottom.

Kamala Harris was heckled during her speech by an unhappy leftist:

She was also heckled by leftists on Oct. 21 during an appearance with Terry McAuliffe:


In June…

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