Saturday 30 October 2021

BOOM! Dem Terry McAuliffe Crashes in New Polls in Virginia Race All About Glenn Youngkin Standing Up for Parents

 Republican Glenn Youngkin has singlehandedly flipped the race for governor of Virginia with a completely grassroots campaign focused on the rights of parents. Several new polls have Youngkin leading Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a come-from-behind barnburner campaign.

The latest Fox News poll has Youngkin up by a whopping 8 points when the race was tied just last week. The DC Examiner has Youngkin up by 5 points. The Real Clear Politics Poll also has Youngkin on top:

Terry McAuliffe hasn’t helped himself with his repeated claims that Critical Race Theory isn’t taught in Virginia schools. He killed his campaign when he repeatedly claimed parents shouldn’t have a voice in their child’s education.

Glenn Youngkin is the complete opposite of McAuliffe and is all about parental rights:

Terry McAuliffe still hasn’t backed down on his claim about CRT and parental involvement in schools. This is a huge self-inflicted wound that could cost him the election.

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