Thursday 21 October 2021

Biden Approval Tanks to New Low in Recent Poll

 Joe Biden’s approval numbers are in free fall, so he’s going back to his roots in Scranton, PA, to push his social spending boondoggle. The problem is that Americans see the higher gas prices and higher grocery prices every day, so anything Biden says is lost on them.

A Quinnipiac University survey poll was conducted October 15-18 and released on Tuesday.

Only 37% of Americans say they approve of the job Biden’s doing, and 52% disapprove.

Even worse, 28% of registered independents gave Biden a thumbs-up on his job performance. This continues the trend of disapproval from independents.

Republicans want Trump to run in 2024:

The Quinnipiac University survey reported that Republicans disapproved of Biden’s job by a 95%-3% margin.

This regime has done everything it can to destroy America. Open border crisis, inflation, rampant crime, supply chain crisis, and many other troubles are self-inflicted wounds by the Biden administration. America would be better off if Biden did nothing.

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