Saturday 17 October 2020

Twitter Users Are Cracking Up At This Person Trying To Create A Fake Black Trump Supporter Account, But Forgetting To Crop Out The Search Bar In His Profile Pic (10 Picture)

With the upcoming presidential election in the US, the tension is running high. Especially on Twitter, where some (fake) Trump supporters are endorsing the Republican candidate in the most ridiculous fashion you could imagine.

This week, Twitter has already suspended a bunch of accounts claiming to be owned by Black Trump supporters. But one of the accounts has gone viral for quite a hilarious reason—apparently, someone who set up the account forgot to crop out the part of the screenshot that shows the Google search. The search read—drum roll, please—Black man photo. The major facepalm moment has certainly cracked a lot of people up, but nonetheless, such actions are still worrying.

Dr. Darren Linvill, a lead researcher for the Clemson University Media Forensics Hub, told Washington Post: “It’s asymmetrical warfare. They [the accounts – ed.] don’t have to last long. And they are so cheap to produce that you can get a lot of traction without a whole lot of work. Thank you, Twitter.”

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Recently, one fake Twitter account for a Black Trump supporter has gone viral

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The screenshots of the fake Twitter account were shared on October 12 and, since then, have amassed more than 20k likes, over 4k retweets, and hundreds of comments. The caption read: “This might be the funniest one out of all the ‘I AM A BLACK PERSON AND I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER’ cosplays.”

The sloppiness of the creators of the account didn’t surprise people on Twitter, but it did crack them up. “As a millennial woman of color, I’m not sure what the issue is,” one middle-aged white man commented, making many laugh. “Maybe that’s his name,” someone said about Black Man Photo. Maybe it is?

“Funniest thing is when you do a reverse image search with their [profile picture] and find the stock photos they grabbed,” someone tweeted.

Even worse yet, one of the Twitter users actually discovered the older tweets of the Black Man Photo. Turns out, as a Black man, he was quite racist… against Black people. “Send them out!!!” one of the bot’s tweets read. “Back to Africa.”

Researchers call fake accounts featuring supposed Black users “digital blackface,” a reference to the now-disgraced tactic of white people darkening their faces for film or musical performances intended to mimic African Americans.

“Follow me as I fight the racist left as a Black man”

Image credits: InsertPun_

However, the trolls left out one tiny detail—a screenshot of a Google search for “Black man photo”

Image credits: InsertPun_

Even worse yet, someone found the previous posts shared by “Rayshawn”

Image credits: AlanVRK

The sloppy efforts of trolls cracked Twitter up

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