Sunday 16 August 2020

World Globalists Absolutely Hate President Trump and Want Him Defeated

World Globalists and elites hate President Trump for making America great again.  More than anything they want to see the President defeated in November.
President Trump is the first President in generations who openly stands for and works for the American people.  He is no globalist.  Trump has proven this in his actions: 
  • Taking the US out of the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Taking America out of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Challenging NATO countries to pay their fair share of NATO costs
  • Developing trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Korea and others that put America first
  • Challenging the UN
  • Challenging Davos
  • Implementing a peace agreement in the Middle East, and more…
The following three videos discuss why the globalists hate President Trump: 
President Trump is helping America – his focus is unlike Obama’s,  his predecessor, who was working for the globalists: 

The globalists will do anything for power.  They don’t care about babies or grandma, they care about power.

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