Friday 7 August 2020

'Can't touch this': Alabama principal preps students for school reopening with viral MC Hammer parody

An Alabama high school principal's effort to prepare students for returning to school amid COVID-19 restrictions has gone viral, after he created a parody of MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This" to explain the new rules while declaring: "It's the CDC, not me!"

What are the details?

Dr. Quentin Lee, the principal of Childersburg High School, dropped the video on his YouTube channel last week, where it has already amassed more than 5.2 million views. Lee wrote the lyrics himself, conveying his message while mimicking the '90s rapper's iconic moves.
The clip shows him enforcing social distancing and sanitation guidelines in jest, preparing students for what is to come as Alabama schools start reopening this week. Childersburg is slated for return later this month.
In the video, Lee is shown "armed" with a can of Lysol and a thermometer, as he raps, "COVID! Is stressing me, all the updates from the CDC. Lysol, can't be found, I've looked all around this town — I've had no luck, and these are the things, huh, you can't touch."
He replaces "STOP! Hammertime" with "STOP! Sanitize."
In reaction to the overwhelmingly positive response he has received, Lee told Alabama Newscenter, "We are working tirelessly to make sure school is a place where students can be accepted, loved, and clean. Everybody needs love, regardless of political party or ethnic background. If we can allow people to laugh and forget about their problems, then we've accomplished that."
Lee's "Can't Touch This" parody is a follow-up from his initial coronavirus response via video from April, where he pretends he's preparing to deliver a heartfelt original song before screaming at the top of his lungs in anguish.

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