Thursday 27 August 2020

AMAZING! CSPAN Callers After Night 2 of RNC 2020: 16 of 18 Callers Enthusiastically Pro-Trump… Including Democrats! (Video)

Last night was another historic night at the RNC 2020.
The production was powerful, beautiful, smart and seamless.
From pro-life speakers, to criminal justice reform to beautiful First Lady Melania Trump. 
What a wonderful night!
Following Day 2 of the RNC 2020 many viewers called in to C-SPAN to share their thoughts.
According to our unofficial count — 16 of 18 callers were going to vote Trump. 
And SEVERAL of the callers were lifelong Democrats!
Another viewer Helen called in from Pennsylvania after Tuesday’s RNC.
She did not vote for Trump but she will this year.
And another CSPAN viewer calls in to say he’s a lifelong Democrat but is switching parties to vote for Trump! 
Lifelong Ohio Democrat Rick calls in for Trump. Rick appreciated the GOP mention of God in their event.

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