Tuesday 21 July 2020

Ghislaine Maxwell Fears She Will Die in Jail Like Jeffrey Epstein Who She Believes Was Killed

Former socialite and Epstein pimp Ghislaine Maxwell fears she will “die” in prison just like her friend Jeffrey Epstein.
Ghislaine Maxwell pleaded not guilty last week in a New York Federal court. 
The British socialite was denied bail.
She is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park in Brooklyn, New York. 
Jeffrey Epstein died in prison in August 2019.
New York officials said it was a suicide.
Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire. 
There are reports that Ghislaine is ready to name names in the Epstein pedophile scandal.
She fears for her life.

The Sun reported:

Ghislaime Maxwell believes her former lover Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in his prison cell — and fears she will meet the same grisly fate behind bars. 
Friends said she hired bodyguards before being arrested after receiving death threats.
The socialite was denied bail on sex trafficking charges and faces a year-long wait inside Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Centre before trial.
A family friend told The Sun On Sunday Maxwell, 58, fears she will be bumped off inside the brutal New York jail which warders describe as a “hellhole”.
Another source said: “It’s the same as Guantanamo Bay — lights on, noise and constant interruption of sleep”. 
An inquest ruled that Epstein’s death last August at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Detention Centre was suicide.
But the 66-year-old was taken off suicide watch before he died despite being injured from either a suicide bid or an attack weeks earlier.

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