Thursday 14 May 2020

Schumer Hyperventilates About Obamagate. Cruz Gives Him One Word To Live By.

Speaking rapidly, New York senator Chuck Schumer started ranting about the GOP’s focus on the recent revelations about the Flynn investigation, saying, “These ridiculous conspiracy theories, on Obama — Chairman Johnson wants to go after Biden and this Hunter Biden conspiracy theory, which came from the Russians, of all people. This is amazing to me. What alternative universe do they live in? Spending their time on discredited conspiracy theories, against Obama, against Biden …
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) noted the frantic nature of Schumer’s rant, then tweeted a deathless reply consisting of one word of advice:
Schumer has been mocking Cruz for years; in November 2013, Schumer urged Hillary Clinton to runfor president, saying, “With a strong platform and with Hillary leading the charge, we will vanquish the Ted Cruz, tea party Republicans in 2016. And create a generation of Democrats who will make sure the middle class gets what it needs, our country advances and the torch held by that beautiful lady in New York’s harbor burns more brightly than ever.”
In July 2017, Schumer attacked Cruz’s amendment to the GOP healthcare bill, calling it a “hoax” as he stated:
Make no mistake, the Cruz amendment is a hoax.Under the guise of lowering premiums, it makes healthcare more expensive because deductibles and copayments would be so onerous that many Americans would pay much more out of their pockets than they pay today. It’s a foolhardy trade to exchange lower premiums for far more expensive deductibles and copayments. In addition, Americans with pre-existing conditions will almost certainly be left without access to affordable and quality healthcare, making this even worse than the House bill on this issue.
But recently, Cruz sent a message Schumer’s way; in March, Schumer attacked two conservative justices of the Supreme Court, ranting, “Republican legislatures are waging a war on women, all women, and they’re taking away fundamental rights. I want to tell you Gorsuch; I want to tell you Kavanaugh; you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”
Cruz hammered Schumer on Twitter, writing, “Disgraceful political attack on the Supreme Court & the rule of law. This attempt at judicial intimidation is not OK. [Sen. Schumer] should be ashamed. He should retract. And he should apologize.”
Cruz quoted left-leaning law professor Laurence Tribe, who stated, “These remarks by [Sen. Schumer] were inexcusable. Chief Justice Roberts was right to call him on his comments. I hope the Senator, whom I’ve long admired and consider a friend, apologizes and takes back his implicit threat. It’s beneath him and his office.”

Cruz commented, “@tribelaw is exactly right. (!!) The attempt by [Sen. Schumer] at judicial intimidation—a threat of political retaliation, or worse—is wrong & profoundly dangerous. Politics are one thing; trying to politicize & destroy the Supreme Court is altogether different.”

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