Tuesday 12 May 2020

Owner Overcome with Emotion After Being Reunited with Dog Missing 6 Years

The first few days after losing a dog are often the most frantic, as the worried owners blast social media with photos and requests for information if anyone sees their pup. They visit local shelters, scour the local neighborhoods and put up flyers in hopes that someone will see something and say something.
If the days turn into weeks, the doubt starts to creep in more. When weeks turn to months, hope dwindles. After a few years, most people assume their pet has either passed on or become part of someone else’s family.
So when stories like this one come along, it’s beautiful because it’s so unusual: It’s what every owner of a lost dog hopes will happen to them.
A post on the Norman Community Page for Norman, Oklahoma, was what started things off. A black and white pup was pictured sitting in a Walmart cart, his muzzle grayed and a sprinkle of white hairs above his eyes.
“I’m lost! I need my parents,” the original post from a Walmart assistant manager read. “I wandered into Walmart on Classen Blvd. Come get me!”
According to the same post, a woman named Deb Melser came to check if the dog had a microchip. What followed has been recorded on Melser’s own Facebook page.
“I can’t believe I was part of something pretty amazing tonight,” Melser shared on April 18. “So, a dog walks into Walmart through the cart section – LOL – sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? True story, though.”
“I volunteer to scan him for a microchip. Drive over to Walmart, where a very kind woman, the assistant manager of the store, has him in her office.”
“Lo and behold, he HAS a chip!! Call the chip company and got owner info. First number was incorrect. Second number worked, and this lady’s mom said, she doesn’t think her daughter has that dog anymore.”
“Sandy, the nice manager, said she would be willing to take him home and house him temporarily until his owner was connected.”
It didn’t take long until his owner called them back with an incredible story.
“Kimberly, who the chip is registered to, called and said she lost him 6 YEARS ago!!!! 6 YEARS!!! She looked everywhere for him, but had given up hope! Well, here’s the ending of this story…”
The photos say it all: The woman embracing and kissing her long-lost dog, clearly emotional.
Not everyone gets a second chance with their pet, but thanks to some kind people and a chip-reading volunteer, this dog was able to get back where he belonged — even if it took six years.

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