Friday 22 May 2020

OB-GYN Who Knew McCorvey Has Very Different Story Than One the Media's Promoting

Many have sent me reports of hit pieces on Norma McCorvey (aka Jane Roe) that call into question the veracity of her conversion and her passion to see Roe v. Wade overturned because of a supposed deathbed confession that “proves” she was paid to be an agent for the pro-life movement but didn’t really believe in it.
Now, it also seems that just a day after Ravi Zacharias’ death, other pieces are surfacing that attempt to denigrate his character and threaten to undo his life’s work because of accusations of his misrepresenting academic credentials and a supposed sexting relationship that has long been disproven.
As I said on a friend’s Facebook thread, these stories are disturbing, but I have serious doubts that they’re true.
I knew Norma. Either she was an incredible actress, or they are making up an incredible story to discredit the entire pro-life movement as they sell their baby parts after organ harvesting.
I don’t believe for a second that this hit piece against her isn’t a part of their well-orchestrated strategy in the global agenda to make sure Roe isn’t overturned and that access to and extent of abortion on demand even past delivery of viable infants be widely accepted and applauded.
I also know and love Rob Schenck, but I must say I have been very disappointed with his hard left turn to universalism, abortion rights, and LGBTQIA+ normalization alongside Rob Bell and David Gushee.
These hit pieces are like the hit pieces pouring out now about Ravi Zacharias.
Like the ones about Billy Graham after his death.
The enemy is at work to destroy the Kingdom and all those who live their lives to advance it.
Ultimately, even if true, which I doubt, but even if it was all true, about them all, do these stories negate all the tremendous work they did for the Kingdom and for millions of people?
Does a mistake or a character flaw, or even a life event out of their control invalidate all they did?
Did Noah’s drunkenness? Did Moses’ anger and murder? Did Abraham’s lies? Did Peter’s duplicity? Did David’s adultery and murder? Did Jonah’s hate and contempt? Did Elijah’s lack of faith? Did Job’s misery? Did Rahab’s harlotry?
Did Brennan Manning’s alcoholism? Did Henri Nouwen’s same-sex attraction?
Does my divorce?
Does your pornography addiction? Does depression, drug abuse or whatever else separate us from God’s love and ability to use us to fulfill his purposes in the world?
Satan wants to destroy and discredit, but God has used and continues to use broken men and women to accomplish his work throughout history — because we are all broken and we all need a Savior.
That is the gospel!
Yet somehow, many — including many of us — stand in judgment to marginalize, invalidate, disqualify and discredit the work of others who are also broken, yet have been faithful enough to sacrifice what we refuse to, while we at the same time allow the enemy to advance his agenda and work through the process of destruction of all things good — including his attempts to destroy the gospel itself.
We mustn’t be part of that destruction.

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