Friday 24 April 2020

“They are the Bigots They Claim to Hate” – Former Democrat Vernon Jones ROASTS Democrat Party, Vows to Stay in Office and Help Trump (VIDEO)

Former State Democrat Rep. Vernon Jones called out the bigots in the Democrat Party. 
Jones said it was not him who has left the Democrat Party but it is the Democrats who have left him.
And on Thursday Vernon Jones called out the bigots in the party.
Vernon Jones: I will continue to let the Democratic Party know that the bigotry within the party is hurting African Americans. More and more African Americans are thinking independently.
The way the Democrat Party has treated me this past week has made one thing clear: they are the bigots they claim to hate and I won’t be silent about it.
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Jones announced today he will NOT resign and will continue to represent and fight for his community.
Yesterday, I announced my intentions to resign from my office. But shortly thereafter, the outpour of support I received was too great for me to ignore.

I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission. I will not let them win.

I will NOT resign.
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