Sunday 26 April 2020

International Abortion Chain Posts Sick Celebration of Procedure, Thanks Providers for 'Saving Lives'

The phrase “safe, legal and rare,” when applied to the mass killing of the innocent unborn, doesn’t exactly ease my qualms about the procedure.
That said, the general cultural agreement that these three provisos are necessary if abortion is to be a legal right also confers a certain gravity upon it.
There’s no need to emphasize the fact there needs to be a legal right to the procedure or a need to keep it rare if it weren’t ethically problematic. If women found it necessary to terminate their pregnancy, there should at least be a certain seriousness surrounding the whole thing.
That’s beginning to change. If you don’t believe me, consider Marie Stopes International, an abortion chain that is using the COVID crisis to thank abortionists for … saving lives.
I’m not kidding here; this isn’t Babylon Bee material, alas.
“Wishing we could send our abortion providers a slice of this cake!” the group said with a cake emoji as well as a smiley face with a tongue out.
“Although they don’t wear capes, our MSI providers are superheroes. In the midst of a pandemic, they’re working hard to save lives and empower women,” the April 17 post read.
“Our Ghana call center is now working remotely, and responded to 422 calls in one day, referring 88 women to service providers. In countries under lockdown, clinics have worked to remain open while serving clients safely,” it continued.
“We are sending all abortion providers so much love. Thank you for the work that you do!”
So thanks, abortion providers! Here’s a cake for you. It’ll make you feel better about the fact that you kill babies.
This … didn’t go over well.
“There are true health care workers that are fighting hard to save lives, and then there are people like you that celebrate taking them? Twisted. Don’t you dare make out like you’re a hero on the front lines!” one response read.
“You recognize of course that you are killing half the people that you are talking about here? A mother and baby enter, and a mother is all that leaves alive,” another person said.
“You should actually close these death factories to save lives,” another said.
But then, we shouldn’t be surprised. Marie Stopes International’s Facebook page is festooned with its hashtagged slogan, @SmashAbortionStigma.
Yes, the problem with a procedure some people believe is murder and plenty of people believe is unnecessary and ethically dubious is that there’s a stigma around it. Could you just stop judging here? K plz thx.
By the way, this actually isn’t as bad as it gets on Marie Stopes International’s Facebook page. That has to be a link to a Medium post from the group — and I swear I’m not making this title up, since while my darkly satirical style is pretty on point it’s nowhere near this good — titled “Portraits of compassion: Abortion providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis.”
From what I can tell, God didn’t throw a well-deserved thunderbolt the way of this author, since the person actually wrote this without divine retribution:
“When a lockdown was instituted in Ghana, many women became concerned about how they would access safe abortion and contraception. MSI’s Ghana office quickly mobilized to meet these women’s needs. Team members were set up from home with laptops and a communication system to receive calls — and in no time at all, the calls started pouring in.
“On the first day of the lockdown, they received a record number of 422 calls in one day, far more than the 140 calls they get on a typical day. Additionally, they supported 231 people over social media, where the team was pushing an awareness advocacy campaign.
“The team worked hard to connect clients with healthcare, making 88 referrals to medical services. Without this call center, many women, not knowing where to turn, would be forced to go without life-saving reproductive health services.”
Yes, “life-saving.”
Someone wrote that, and probably with a straight face.
Abortion is murder whether it’s done in Ghana or the United States. There’s nothing “life-saving” about it. These are self-mythologizers who think they’re working on the medical front lines as other medical professionals risk their lives with COVID-19 patients.
Even if you believe abortion isn’t murder, this is still akin to a plastic surgeon saying he saves lives. “If it weren’t for a nose job, these people might have committed suicide.”
Abortion is an elective procedure — and one that, according to even some of its proponents, should be “safe, legal and rare.”
It’s not something we should be celebrating as the real heroes of the COVID-19 crisis risk their lives on a daily basis.
This is beyond shameful.

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