Tuesday 31 March 2020

“GO THE F*** HOME, You A**hole!” – Deranged Feminist Shrieks at Seattle Christian Street Preacher During Lockdown Order (VIDEO)

What is with unhinged leftists screaming and shrieking at people who don’t fall in line with their edicts? Here we have another shining example of a far left goon harassing someone, this time in Seattle, Washington, where failed Presidential candidate Governor Jay Inslee recently issued his lockdown orders to be enforced by police
“Go home! There is a stay-at-home order that you are literally (mumbles) not following!” shouts what appears to be a woman, likely named Karen. The man is apparently a street preacher and says he’s there to preach. “GO THE F*** HOME YOU ASSHOLE! I will continue screaming, would you like that? Because I’m actually finding it really, really relaxing,” she says, before the dude goes “well….” and then Karen lets loose with a blood curdling scream that you can hear echoing around the buildings on the street.
Video courtesy of Katie Daviscourt on twitter (note the rainbow crosswalks, which were painted in honor of Pride Week): 

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