Sunday 15 March 2020

Feminist Protester Botches Easy Throw, Ends Up Firebombing Her Own Side

If you want to see one reason we should be worried about the increase in politically motivated violence in the U.S., consider this protest in Mexico.
According to The Associated Press, this past Sunday saw massive protests in Mexico against a culture that supposedly enables “femicide” — the killing of women or girls based on gender.
The outlet noted that 10 women per day are killed in that country, and many of the incidents involve brutality and sexual violence.
It’s a very grim reality — and it’s right next door to us here in America.
As many as 80,000 women were involved in the protests, which stretched into Monday, according to the AP.
Things turned dangerous, though, when the protests grew more violent.
“Bands of masked women smashed windows, lit fires and spray painted messages,” the AP reported.
One of the protesters attempted to throw a makeshift weapon known as a Molotov cocktail at police officers.
The results of that assault were posted on Twitter in a 14-second video.
The firebomb landed well short of the target, and the clothes of at least one of the protesters caught on fire.
Mexican pro abortion Feminists try to learn how to throw a bomb... without much success
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There were other violent incidents during the protests, including an effort to force entry into the Hermosillo Cathedral and attack churchgoers, according to the Catholic News Agency.
Parishioners inside used pews to barricade the doors.
Politically motivated violence isn’t exclusive to Mexico. It should be noted that there have been plenty of attacks on supporters of Donald Trump during his presidency.
Last month, an Indiana couple were charged with felonies after allegedly running teenagers with Trump bike flags off the road.
There was also a frightening incident where a man allegedly drove a van into a Trump voter registration tent in Duval County, Florida.
Breitbart News compiled a list of nearly 400 violent incidents against Trump supporters from September 2015 to early February 2020.
All of this is bad enough.
In America, the notion that someone would be violently attacked for his or her political views should be anathema.
But this video on Twitter shows another reason that violence should not be embraced.

Those who unleash it have no idea who will end up getting hurt should things turn violent.

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