Sunday 2 February 2020

Tucker Carlson On Impeachment: Democrats Have Been Defeated And Humiliated (VIDEO)

In the coming days and weeks, you’re going to hear a lot of people in the liberal media making excuses for the Democrats.
Tucker Carlson of FOX News has a very different view of the situation.
In his opening monologue, on Friday night, he told it like it is.
This was a huge loss for Democrats, and a win for America.
From FOX News:
Tucker Carlson: Democrats are defeated and humiliated
It’s been an awfully long week. But thank God, we’re ending it with two pieces of good news.
The first is that Great Britain is an independent country again, as it has been for most of the last thousand years. Brexit has gone through. Cheers to our friends in the United Kingdom.
Secondly, in this country, the impeachment farce is almost over.
That’s our good news. The president will be acquitted. Now, we knew that from the first day, of course – which is one of the reasons this whole overhyped charade was always such an insulting waste of time. But now it’s official. Even Trump-hating Republicans in the Senate are thoroughly sick of this. They want it over.
Yet, once started, nothing in Washington ends easily. The process continues on like a ghost ship. It’s the same sickness at work as on Black Friday. Mobs of desperate people are grasping at trinkets to fill a void within. It’s sad to watch.
Jerry Springer wasn’t in the Senate this week, but Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., was. Check out what happened when Chief Justice John Roberts asked prosecutors to answer a final question. Nadler and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., raced to the podium, all but elbowing each other out of the way to get one last blessed moment on C-SPAN.
“I want to be on TV!” “No, I do!” These people are buffoons.
Watch the video below:
As usual, Tucker is correct.

The Democrats never had a case and the American people know it.
Democrats can try to spin it any way they want but the bottom line is that they lost.

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