Tuesday 4 February 2020

SEEMS LEGIT: Watch How Pete Buttigieg ‘Randomly’ Wins Coin Toss in Iowa to Determine Who Gets Last Delegate in Tied Precinct (VIDEO)

Yes, coin tosses are used in Iowa’s caucuses to determine winners in precincts with tied results.
A coin toss determined who got the last delegate out of one of Iowa’s precincts after Buttigieg and Klobuchar were tied.
Democrat Pete Buttigieg ‘randomly’ won the coin toss in Iowa Monday night.
Maybe this is how Hillary Clinton won 6-for-6 coin toss victories in Iowa in 2016?
The young man in charge of the coin toss between Buttigieg and Klobuchar had no idea what he was doing.
And no one stepped in to redo the coin toss.
Seems legit.

BBC reporter Anthony Zurcher said the coin-flipper was a student from Florida who traveled to Iowa with his dad to watch the Iowa caucuses.
He was chosen to flip the coin because he was an “impartial observer.”

The student told Zurcher he was ‘nervous and caught the coin between his fingers.’
The Democrat Iowa caucus was a total train wreck from the start.
Monday night it was reported that the secretive Hillary Clinton-linked Iowa Democrat Party app “SHADOW” stopped working hours before the caucuses.
It is now Tuesday afternoon and the Democrats still have no caucus results.
The Iowa Democrat Party Chairman blamed the delay on a “coding error.”

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