Thursday 6 February 2020

Panicked James Carville Sounds Alarm For Democrats: ‘Risk Becoming An Ideological Cult’ (VIDEO)

Former Bill Clinton adviser James Carville is very worried about the Democratic party.
During a recent appearance on MSNBC, he called out Democrats for their crazy drift to the far left and suggested that they are going to lose if they don’t change course and fast.
The Washington Times reports:
James Carville: Dems risk becoming an ‘ideological cult,’ media filled with ‘AOC crazy’ reporters 
James Carville said the Democratic Party has a stark choice before it: “Do we want to be an ideological cult? Or do we want to have a majoritarian instinct to be a majority party?”
One of former President Bill Clinton’s famous “War Room” political strategists told MSNBC this week that his party — and much of the media — is flirting with disaster if it continues to go “AOC crazy.”
“This party needs to wake up and make sure that we talk about things are relevant to people,” he said Tuesday. “We need to go back to 2018 where we had good, diverse, strong candidates that had real connections to the community and talked about real things.”
“We’re like talking about people voting from jail cells,” he said. “We’re talking about not having a border. I mean, come on, people. Everyday people are out there struggling. We’re trying to get votes in Northern Wisconsin and Western Pennsylvania.”
Watch the video below:
Carville is right but the Democrats probably won’t listen. They seem bent on self destruction at this point.
James Carville sounds the alarm about Democrats' 2020 field:

"This party needs to wake up and make sure that we talk about things are relevant to people. ... We don’t need to become the British Labor Party. That’s a bad thing. It’s not going well over there."
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Even the RNC agrees:
Democrat strategist James Carville panics about 2020: “we’re like talking about people voting from jail cells” and “not having a border” 
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Carville doesn’t understand. He would not even be welcome in today’s Democrat party.

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