Friday 7 February 2020

Little Mikey Bloomberg Nets 20 Popular Votes In Iowa After Blowing Through $200 Million

Everyone’s favorite tiny tyrant had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day in Iowa. According to FEC records, Little Mike Bloomberg’s PAC has spent $188 Million dollars as of December 31st. Almost all of the PAC contributions have been from Bloomberg himself.
But all of his money, ad buys, media blitzes, and Super Bowl commercials can’t seem to buy him much actual support, as he comes out of Iowa having garnered just 20 total votes. That’s not the delegates, or the SDEs, or the “second alignment,” it’s 20 votes total from the popular vote, where Bernie and Petey each got in excess of 43,000.
He lost to “other” and “uncommitted” as well as to fellow billionaire Tom Steyer.
Here are the biggest contributions to his super PAC, which has “raised” over $200 Million:
And here is a summary of the spending by the PAC:
Remember, these numbers are as-of December 31st, so he undoubtedly spent millions more since then.
By operating as a PAC instead of a candidate committee, Mini Mike can donate endless amounts of his own money to his own cause. According to Wikipedia, Bloomberg is worth close to $60 Billion.

If he’s this careless with his own money, just imagine if he were in charge of the nation’s money.
At least his staffers, media team, videographers, and other campaign workers are making some money. Can’t imagine what it’s like having to fabricate support for him.

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