Saturday 22 February 2020

Hoax Confirmed! ZERO Evidence to Back Up Claims Russia is Trying to Help Trump Win in 2020 – No Intel, No Phone Intercepts Offered to DNI

That was quick.
The latest Trump-Russia hoax fell apart in less than 24 hours.
Deep Staters in the intel community and (Adam Schiff?) is at it again — leaking and spinning in order to harass President Trump in an attempt to derail his re-election efforts.
A new leak to the New York Times claimed intel officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Trump reelected.
This latest hoax, like every other hoax pushed by Adam Schiff and unelected bureaucrats embedded in the deep state bureaucracy immediately imploded.
Catherine Herridge reported on Friday that after pressed for evidence to back up claims Russia was backing Trump in 2020, NOTHING was offered to the DNI.
CATHERINE HERRIDGE: Source familiar w/house briefing @CBSNews says briefers pressed for evidence to back up claims Russia “trying to help POTUS in 2020.” Asked if there was signals intelligence – such as phone intercepts or “SIGINT” – to back up claims, source said briefers had none to offer #DNI
Even CNN’s Tapper threw cold water on the claim:
President Trump went off on the “do nothing Democrats” for pushing “hoax number 7!”

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