Tuesday 4 February 2020

Clown Show: After Waiting On Hold for an Hour to Call in Caucus Results, Iowa Democrat Hung Up On While Live on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (Video)

The Democrat’s train wreck in the Iowa caucuses just keep getting more bizarre and buffoonish. A precinct captain was on hold for an hour trying to report the results of his local caucus, then he got on the phone on another line with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for a live interview. While speaking with Blitzer, the precinct captain was taken off of hold. But he wouldn’t stop talking to Blitzer and the operator hung up on him when he finally went to speak to her.
CNN identified the Democrat on hold was Shawn Sebastian, Story County Precint 1-1 Secretary.
Sebastian told Blitzer he had just been taken off hold and Blitzer asked if CNN could listen in as he reported the precinct results. Sebastian said yes, but was hung up on because he was talking to Blitzer instead of immediately answering when taken off hold.
A video posted by the Trump campaign: “YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP. The Iowa Democrat party just hung up on a caucus secretary attempting to report results. He was on hold for over an hour.”

What a train wreck!

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