Friday 14 February 2020

Biden’s Donors Spooked and Preparing to Jump Ship After Disastrous Results in Iowa and New Hampshire

Joe Biden’s donors are preparing to jump ship after old Joe took a punch to the gut in Iowa and came in 5th place in the New Hampshire primaries.
Biden abruptly left New Hampshire on Tuesday and headed to South Carolina to pander to the black community on word his numbers were abysmal in the Granite State.
Although Biden has been sticking to his talking points that it’s no big deal he came in last place, his donors are spooked and ready to throw their money behind another Dem candidate.
The New York Post reported:
Joe Biden’s disastrous results in Iowa and New Hampshire have spooked Democratic donors who are preparing to jump ship and throw their money behind someone else — even as his campaign vowed Wednesday that the best is yet to come.
New York heavyweight donors raising money for Biden are alarmed by the former vice president’s fifth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary and are privately wondering whether he can make it to Super Tuesday on March 3.
“There’s a great deal of concern,” said a donor who is bundling contributions for a Biden fundraiser in New York Thursday.
“It wasn’t expected that he would perform great in Iowa or New Hampshire. But we did not anticipate that he would fare this poorly. It was a significant decline,” said the bundler, who requested anonymity.
Biden however is trying to reassure his base that he’s ‘just getting started.’
“You know, we had the first two rounds, made up about two percent of the public. I’m heading south now where I feel good,” Biden said.

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