Wednesday 12 February 2020

Army drill sergeant suspended after physical altercation with trainee caught on video

A U.S. Army drill sergeant has been suspended after a video was shared online showing him engaging in a physical altercation with a trainee at the U.S. Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, Ga.

What are the details?

On Friday, a Twitter account by the name of "U.S. Army WTF! Moments" posted the footage along with the message, "Meanwhile two days ago at @FortBenning and the OSUT holdover platoon of Fox 2-19...DS: 'PRIVATES CLEAR THE HALLWAY' TRAINEE: 'Whatever you Damn H*e N*****'"
In the video, someone (possibly the trainee) can be heard cussing and using the N-word, before the drill sergeant — wearing a vest with neon yellow stripes — emerges into view following the recruit while going on a tirade and repeating the profanity before things got physical.
A load noise can be heard as the two enter the room, and the drill sergeant can then be seen slamming the trainee up against a metal cabinet. The two continue to engage in a brief tussle before numerous other trainees rush to break up the fight and restrain their fellow recruit.
Warning to TheBlaze readers: The following video contains profanity:

Fort Benning spokesman Ben Garrett confirmed to Business Insider that the incident was under investigation by military police and the brigade command. The unnamed drill sergeant has been suspended pending the outcome of that probe.
"The language used and behavior portrayed in the video posted to online social media platforms are not consistent with U.S. Army Values of treating all with dignity and respect," Garrett told Insider.
According to Fox News, the 2-19th Infantry Battalion "trains civilians to become infantrymen."

Anything else?

American Military News reported that multiple drill sergeants were suspended at Fort Benning "in 2017 amid sexual assault allegations" after a female trainee accused a drill sergeant, prompting an investigation that uncovered "other sexual misconduct incidents."
A spokesperson for the Army's Criminal Investigation Command told Reuters at the time, "There is no place for sexual harassment or sexual assault in our Army."

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