Sunday 16 February 2020

And There It Is… After 52 Years News Icon Sam Donaldson Comes Out as Just Another Typical Leftie Hack Reporter

Legendary ABC News reporter Sam Donaldson came out this weekend as just another leftie hack. After a 52 years career as a reporter, Sam Donaldson threw off the veneer of objectivity and went full-throated anti-Trump this weekend.

Donaldson cut his first ad for billionaire Mini-Mike Bloomberg.
The real question is – how much did they pay Sam for the spot?
One of the great accomplishments of President Donald Trump is that he has fully exposed the fake news media for what they are — leftie partisan hacks.
During the impeachment trial in January the evening news was 100% negative on President Trump’s brilliant defense team.  That same media was 95% positive on the nitwits representing the Democrats.  They still lost.
ABC owes this country an apology.
Not everyone was happy with Sam’s announcement.

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