Saturday 15 February 2020

5 Hilarious Cartoons Show the Exact Status of Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

It sure looks like Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Party’s new 2020 frontrunner which has party leaders in a panic.
They hate Bernie with a passion because while they hide their true views and goals, he is quite open about it.
So where does Bernie stand at the moment?
Here in 5 hilarious, and brutal cartoons is at least a partial answer to that question:
First off former frontrunner Joe Biden is almost literally toast. It would be a miracle for slow Joe to come back from a 5th place win in New Hampshire:
Which puts Bernie in the lead. This of course has Democrat party leaders flipping out:

The Democratic party freak out has led to Michael Bloomberg attempting to buy the Presidency by spending up to two billion dollars of his own money:
This attempt to prop up Bloomberg will likely fails as Democratic party voters despise billionaires and there is no way the Bernie Bros will vote for him.
This has led to the most left wing frontrunner in the Democratic Party’s history:
Good luck selling that to voters in the fall!
Democrats are on track for a historic electoral wipe-out that will make every conservative in America giddy with joy.

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