Wednesday 12 February 2020

3 Cartoons Show What's Causing Democrat Party Leaders to Lose Sleep at Night

Democrat party leaders are in a panic about what’s going to happen to them this November.
Here are three cartoons that brutally but accurately explain why:
First the Iowa caucus disaster and now recount. Somehow Bernie got the most votes but not the most delegates.
Then we have Joe “lying dog-faced pony soldier” Biden crashing in the polls. He also apparently can’t even come close to winning at least the first two or three primary or caucus states.
Finally we have Bernie as the new leader in the national polls:
And as a bonus President Trump appears to have someone new helping him with re-election:
Do those about sum up why Democrats might be panicking right about now?
In addition one of the new favorites is getting outed as a fake moderate:
‘Moderate’ Pete Buttigieg Says Its Time to End Incarceration For Any Form of Drug Possession
Watch as supposed moderate Pete Buttigieg says that its time to end incarceration for any form of drug possession in this country:
Do you agree or disagree with this concept? 

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