Thursday 23 January 2020

Feminist And Failed Democratic Candidate Body Shames Kellyanne Conway In Side-By-Side Photo

On Monday, proud feminist, avid anti-Trumper, and failed Democratic congressional candidate Pam Keith body-shamed White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway in a since-deleted tweet.
Captioning a side-by-side photo of Conway and herself, Keith posted: “Can you believe KellyAnne is 53 today? I turn 51 in Nov. And I’m not even wearing a drop of makeup.”
Here’s a screenshot of the post:
Keith apparently deleted the tweet following swift backlash online. Scores of politicos pointed out that the Democrat’s tweet was malicious and not at all in accordance with the feminist stance she purports to hold.
Before it was deleted, the post accumulated nearly 15,000 likes and over 1,000 retweets. Further, a host of feminists joined in on the body-shaming, posting photos of themselves and remarking on how youthful they look in comparison to the White House advisor.
“65. You’re doing something wrong kellyanne,” one woman wrote in the replies. Another said, “I’m 61. She’s a hot mess.”
“I’m 61+ and I have few wrinkles than KellyAnne ConJob,” a feminist captioned a photo of herself. “I guess not selling one’s soul to the devil is actually good for the skin.”
Left-wing activist Amy Siskind similarly attacked Conway.
“After learning Lev Parnas is 47 years-old, I looked up Kellyanne Conway. All I can say is doing evil ages people fast!” she posted Monday.
After learning Lev Parnas is 47 years-old, I looked up Kellyanne Conway. All I can say is doing evil ages people fast!
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Ironically, Keith fashions herself a feminist who will not stand for misogyny. Earlier this month, for example, the anti-Trumper complained about sexist coverage of female Democratic presidential candidates.
“Dear [CNN] [Politico] [MSNBC] [The Washington Post] [New York Times] [The Hill],” wrote Keith. “STOP reporting on the « likeability » of female politicos.”
“They aren’t vying for Miss Congeniality,” the feminist said. “Write about their policy, leadership characteristics, tenacity or ideas.”
Keith signed off: “Sincerely, Effing Tired of Mysogin [sic].”
Dear @CNN @politico @MSNBC @washingtonpost @nytimes @thehill STOP reporting on the « likeability » of female politicos. They aren’t vying for Miss Congeniality. Write about their policy, leadership characteristics, tenacity or ideas.

Effing Tired of Mysoginy
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Conway, the first women to ever successfully run a presidential campaign to an election win, has been the subject of much ire from the Left.
As noted by The Daily Wire in August 2019, former CNN employee Reza Aslan seemingly threatened Conway via Twitter in the wake of a mass shooting.
“In response to the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, Conway tweeted, ‘We need to come together, America. Finger-pointing, name-calling & screaming with your keyboards is easy, yet… It solves not a single problem, saves not a single life. Working as one to understand depraved evil & to eradicate hate is everyone’s duty. Unity. Let’s do this,'” The Daily Wire noted.
In response, Aslan posted: “You are ‘the depraved evil’ we need to eradicate.”
In February 2019, following the heated hearings for then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Conway told CNN that she was assaulted at a restaurant by a 63-year-old woman. The woman allegedly grabbed her arms from behind and shook her and screamed at Conway, all in front of the advisor’s teenage daughter.

“Mary Elizabeth Inabinett was charged in November with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct; she had been identified by police after they obtained a restaurant receipt with her name, found [Mary Elizabeth] Inabinett in state vehicle records, and matched that against a video of the encounter that was taken by Conway’s daughter,” The Daily Wire reported. “The video was unclear as to whether an assault occurred. Conway later identified Inabinett with Bethesda police station in November.”

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