Thursday 19 December 2019

“They Were Drinking and Cheering Impeachment!” – Schiff Celebrates Sham Impeachment at Posh DC Restaurant the Night Before Vote (VIDEO)

House Intel Chairman, impeachment ringleader and serial liar Adam Schiff was spotted at Charlie Palmer in DC Tuesday night celebrating with fellow evil Democrat lawmakers. 
Washington-based CEO Alex Bruesewitz tweeted a video of Schiff and other House Democrats celebrating at the posh DC restaurant the night before the impeachment vote.
“Hosting my holiday dinner at Charlie Palmer tonight,” Bruesewitz said. “Adam Schiff & House members thought that they would also come to one of the most expensive places in DC to celebrate their impeachment sham.”
“So in touch with the American people!” he added. “I lost my appetite because of these scum bags.”
Bruesewitz said that he saw Adam Schiff and the entire Democrat House intel committee “at a fancy restaurant last night drinking and cheering about the ‘impeachment.’”
“Now they’ll be on TV today saying what a somber and sad day in history this is. These people disgust me,” he said.


Eric Bolling weighed in and said, “These elected officials have pretty darn expensive taste at the expense of taxpayers and special interest groups. #SwampDwellers” 

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