Friday 6 December 2019

Rush Limbaugh: “The Impeachment of Donald Trump is Not Because He’s Broken the Law – It’s Because They Hate Him. It’s Because They Hate You.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday directed the Democrat Chairmen to proceed with articles of impeachment against President Trump. 
She said it was a solemn occasion.  She was prayerful.
Pelosi then immediately lost it and lashed out at Sinclair’s James Rosen after he asked her if she is moving forward with impeachment because she “hates” President Trump.
Pelosi was not fooling anyone.
We all know the real reason Pelosi is moving ahead with their sham impeachment charges. We all know why she snapped at the conservative reporter.
Pelosi and Democrats hate Donald Trump. They know they can’t beat him. They know their own policies are crazy.
Americans rejected the Democrat plan. Americans don’t want to be poor. They don’t want to transform America into Venezuela.

Today Rush Limbaugh put it all into perspective.

Democrats hate Trump and Democrats hate you.

Rush Limbaugh:  This is something they have been planning regardless of substance. They are doing this because Trump won. Now, look, folks, I understand. I understand the need that some people feel to refute every charge the Democrats make, such as the president… But here’s how futile it is.
Let’s take a look at the phone call. The transcript of the phone call’s been released. There’s nothing criminal or impeachable in the phone call. And everybody who’s read the transcript knows that that’s the case. And yet what are the Democrats doing? The Democrats are fabricating! They’re literally lying. They’re making up what the president said on that call. And the media is amplifying it. And our side is duly reacting to it and duly responding to it.
Well, you have to respond to it. The way to respond to it is not to accept their premise. The way to respond to it is accuse ’em of doing what they’re doing. They are making things up. They are fulfilling a political objective they’ve had since the moment they realized they’d lost the election in November of 2016. The impeachment of Donald Trump is not because he’s a bad president. It’s not because he’s broken the law. It’s not because he’s committed any impeachable offense.
It’s because they don’t like him. It’s because they hate him. It’s because they hate you. I mean, going back and forth on the phone call is kind of futile. It’s a futile exercise, because it’s not gonna change the way the media and the Democrats are reporting it or talking about it. They’re gonna keep lying about it. They’re gonna keep making up things about it. They’re gonna keep going back to Russia because that’s where they really think the gold mine still is.
Do you realize, folks, that I have heard there may be, in one of the articles of impeachment, that Trump committed an impeachable offense when he told a joke about asking the Russians to find Hillary’s emails? Now, the moment that happened in the campaign, I remember, he was at Doral. He was down in Miami, and he was just toying with ’em. He was having fun. This is another thing. They have no sense of humor at all, and especially when they are the butt of the joke.
But do you ever see…? These three witnesses, did you ever see any of them smile? They’re not happy. They are permanently, constantly enraged. Even when they win, they are permanently, constantly enraged. Because nothing is ever enough for them because they don’t want this country to be a representative republic. They don’t want you to have a choice.
They don’t want you to have the chance to reject them. They are offended they have to run for election. They are offended the American people have a say in whether or not they run things. Do not doubt me. They are that arrogant. They are that hate-filled. They resent everything about this country that can result in them losing. That would mean they resent elections. They resent votes.

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