Friday 6 December 2019

PA Newspaper Slams Afro-Cuban GOP Candidate As “White Nationalist”, Attacks America First Xmas Party

The liberal news smear machine in Central Pennsylvania is hard at work ahead of President Trump’s planned visit to Hershey, PA next week for a major rally at the Giant Center. 
Previously, we have reported how violent Antifa group Refuse Fascism has promised to “disrupt” the rally.
The Gateway Pundit has now learned that a reporter named Logan Hullinger, who works for York Dispatch (a regional news outlet), is attacking an America First Xmas Party featuring Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio as a “white nationalist”. Tarrio is an Afro-Cuban who was born of parents who fled the brutal regime of Fidel Castro in Communist Cuba decades ago. He recently announced a run for congress against a Hillary Clinton puppet, news that broke first on TGP.
Tarrio and many other conservative Trump supporters, who happen to be people of color, have been the subject of relentlessly brutal attacks from the media and Democrats for daring to back Donald Trump’s America First policies that have brought this nation back from the brink.
Speakers include Pelosi challenger DeAnna Lorraine and Danielle Stella who is facing off against Ilhan Omar in 2020.
It is hosted by Demand Free Speech, which is an organization that holds forums and debates across the nation geared towards highlighting the importance of our First Amendment. Rally for Roger, an advocacy group working to secure a pardon for Roger Stone is also backing the event, along with the congressional campaign of millennial Trump ally Bobby Jeffries.

Reached via phone, both Enrique Tarrio and co-host Bobby Jeffries denounced Mr. Hullinger’s despicable reporting. Jeffries also told us that Hullinger was emailed a statement moments after requesting one this afternoon, along with Enrique Tarrio’s contact information in order for the smear merchant to attempt to reach the Proud Boys Chairman and congressional candidate.
“I am disheartened and disappointed in Mr. Hullinger’s behavior. Our campaign has had a decent relationship with him in the past. His attack on a man of color who is not only a true American patriot, but also a candidate for federal office, is despicable and sad. He should be ashamed of himself for putting Mr. Tarrio and my family at risk of violent reprisals from domestic terrorist groups like Antifa,” said Jeffries, who is considering pursuing legal action against Hullinger personally and York Dispatch.
Jeffries said that Hullinger has claimed in subsequent emails to have never received the email.
“I have communicated with Logan Hullinger several times via email with no issues. It’s odd that he is now all of a sudden having problems in the moments before he published a shameful fake news hit piece.” 
Tarrio offered a slightly different response than Jeffries in an email to Hullinger provided to TGP.
“This is Enrique Tarrio and I’m running for Congress. I’m going to need you to change the headline of your article about our Christmas party. Examples of a better headline than “White Nationalist Leader” are…
1. Brown and irresistible Chairman of a men’s drinking club is throwing a party!
2. Handsome and charismatic man that’s running for Congress and you can donate here( is throwing one helluva Part-tay!
3. Cuban Pete is throwing a fiesta!
4. El lider de una organizacion patriotica esta teniendo una celebracion. (Just in case you don’t speak Spanish feel free to give me a ring, I’ll translate it for ya. It’s my first language and the language of my Cuban parents)
5. The Stylin’, profilin’, limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin’ n’ dealin’ son of a gun is having a party to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
6. I’m a journalist and I live a miserable life therefore I write lies about a Cuban dude 1000s of miles away and call him a white nationalist. Also I own a cat and sleep with a binky.
7. Epstein didn’t kill himself.
I honestly don’t care if you eat alphabet soup and throw it up on a sheet of paper, it would still make a more accurate headline. So I’m asking you before I send my lawyer(which I pay a handsome retainer to every month) take you and your smearmachine to court
Thank you and have a wonderful evening. Merry Christmas.
From Enrique Tarrio…Chairman of the greatest men’s fraternal organization the world has EVER and will EVER know.”
Following emails from Tarrio and Jeffries threatening legal action, editors of York Dispatch contacted Mr. Jeffries and told him they refuse to include his quote or anything from Enrique Tarrio, telling him “you know how it is,” according to a campaign spokeswoman. Yeah, we know how it is. The media gets to smear us and ruin our lives for supporting Trump.
America is in trouble.

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