Thursday 19 December 2019

NEVER FORGET! The Way Democrats Abuse President Trump Today is the Way They See All Americans Who Challenge Their Evil

On Wednesday Democrats FINALLY launched impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. They dreamed of this day since January 2017 when he was sworn into office. 
Nancy Pelosi took the House floor today and delivered a speech on articles of impeachment.
Democrats on Wednesday are voting to impeach President Donald Trump on two charges.
1.) Abuse of power — not a crime, a broad term to smear the president
2.) Obstruction of Congress — not a crime, a made-up term that has never been used ever
They have found no crimes. 

Pelosi has no shame.
She only has a lust for power.
For over THREE YEARS Democrats and their mainstream media have harassed, abused, spied on, threatened and attacked this American president.
Democrats used the full power of the US government to spy on Trump and imprison his supporters. They abused his supporters and beat them down in the streets.
Democrats screamed profanities at Trump and ostracized his supporters.
Democrats hate Donald Trump and his supporters more than they love their country.
Democrats detest Trump more than they love truth.

Their impeachment hearings today are a sham and they know it.
But that didn’t stop them from proceeding with their sham impeachment.
Their lust for power stands before all else.
They would gladly ruin any Trump supporter with the same zeal.
Never forget their hatred.
Never forget their lust for power.
This is the same hatred they have for this country and for you.
They would gladly destroy anyone who stands in their path.
The Democrats cheered Nancy Pelosi today.
So did Satan.

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