Thursday 19 December 2019

Gallup Poll Confirms Pelosi Backfire: Trump Up Six Points, Majority Opposed to Impeachment

Gallup poll released Wednesday as the House meets to debate and vote on two articles of impeachment against President Trump confirms other polling showing Trump’s approval rating going up while support for his impeachment has fallen and stayed under fifty percent, while a slim majority opposes impeachment. Trump’s approval of 45% is comparable to that of President Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency in the Gallup poll
Trump’s approval in the Gallup poll has risen six points, from 39% in October when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went all in on impeachment proceedings, to 45% in December as the Democrat-led House forced a partisan impeachment using unprecedented methods and secrecy.
Likewise, support for impeachment was at 52% in October and now stands at 46%. A majority of 51% oppose impeaching Trump. The changes have been driven by independents.
Link to TGP article from Monday on three polls showing impeachment backfiring on Democrats, including one showing Trump beating all potential Democrat rivals. 

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