Saturday 19 October 2019

Democrats Too Crazy for Voters: Only 6% of Iowans See Sham Impeachment as the Nation’s Top Priority

This is telling.
A majority of Americans are not buying the Democrat Party’s secret impeachment proceedings. 

Only six percent of voters in swing state Iowa see impeachment at a top priority for the state.
And wait til they find out its all a scam!

This spells doom for the unhinged Trump-hating Democrats.
HotAir reported:
Both House Democrats and the national news media have tried selling impeachment as the nation’s highest priority. According to the latest Emerson poll in Iowa, not even their fellow Democrats are buying that. Only six percent of voters in the key Midwestern swing state see impeachment as the most important issue, and a majority would vote to re-elect Donald Trump rather than vote for the two top Democratic candidates to replace him.
Emerson buries the impeachment lead quite a bit, but it’s fascinating. According to pollster Spencer Kimball, a third of Democrats in the state aren’t buying impeachment at all, and only one in ten think it’s a high priority:

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