Wednesday 23 October 2019

College instructor reportedly forces class to 'support trans students' by protesting conservative speaker — then backtracks when confronted

A Georgia college instructor reportedly forced her class to "support trans students" by showing up at a speech, and then backtracked when confronted, Young America's Foundation reported.

What are the details?

YAF said Jalessah Jackson messaged her students that Monday's class at Kennesaw State University would take place at a "transphobic" event featuring the Daily Wire's Michael Knowles titled, "Men Are Not Women," and that she and the students "will be coming out to support trans students at KSU."
Image source: Young America's Foundation (used by permission)

"We want to communicate to the campus and broader community that transgender people have advocates on campus who support them and their right to exist," Jackson reportedly wrote, adding that "although the event is 4-7pm, you all will be expected to be present during class time 5:00-6:15pm. However, feel free to come early and stay the entire time."

What reportedly happened after Jackson was confronted?

YAF said it reached out to the school and to Jackson for comment. While the outlet said KSU didn't respond to a voicemail and email, Jackson reportedly did have something to say.
When she was asked if it concerned her that forcing students to show support for a particular cause isn't quite constitutional, YAF said she backtracked and noted that "attendance will not be taken for today's class" and “as a result, students not in attendance will not be penalized for not attending."

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