Tuesday 2 April 2019

Women pepper spray, throw straws at McDonald's security guard in fight caught on camera

An Atlantic City woman fled the scene after pepper spraying a McDonald’s security guard early Saturday morning. 
A video of the altercation posted to Facebook shows a customer holding pepper spray in the direction of a guard who’s behind the counter. Another woman is seen throwing straws and other objects at the employee, and the woman with pepper spray eventually gets up on the counter to attack the man.
“Homegirl maced a security guard!” someone is heard saying.

McDonald’s in Atlantic City. Woah!
Posted by Scan AtlanticCity on Saturday, March 30, 2019
At the end of the video, the security guard is seen calling the cops as the group runs out of the restaurant. Police are investigating, according to Fox News, but haven’t reported any arrests.
“I’ve never been maced before,” Tony Algarin, the 28-year-old security guard, told Breaking AC. “It sucked and it burned, but I knew I had to finish my job.”
It was apparently only his second day on the job.
“I just hope that events like this don’t happen anymore so innocent people don’t get hurt,” he said. “It’s not hard to just act accordingly.”
People who saw the video on Facebook called it “absolutely horrible and disgraceful.”
“The security guard took the pepper spray like a champ though!” one commenter added.

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