Sunday 28 April 2019

Student finds 'whites only' note in school bathroom: 'Racism has taken over our school'

A Georgia high school is under scrutiny after a student found an offensive note in the school bathroom that says “WHITES ONLY. If not, use other bathroom” and posted it on Twitter.
The student who found the note, Treavor Smith, told Atlanta news station CBS46, "I brought this to light because it’s not the first time that racism has taken over our school."
Apparently, the sign is just a part of a larger problem at the Georgia school.
Many students and alumni saw Smith’s post and shared their thoughts about the incident on social media. "I love being an alumni of Bremen High School and seeing the blue and white associated with racism! Way to go guys! Go devils," one person tweeted.
"One of many issues Bremen has," a person commented on Facebook.
"This is nothing new at Bremen High School!... A statement was recently made that we must address these issues and just move on. Believe me when you are a person of color, we can never just move on from racism. We deal with it everyday!!!! Something must change at Bremen High School!!!!! Students tend to emulate the direction of their leadership!!! What does your leadership stand for?" a parent of a student in the school district wrote on Facebook.
School officials told CBS46 that 90 percent of the students in the Bremen City School District are white, while eight percent are black.
Bremen High School Principal Tim Huff did not answer questions regarding the incident, but provided a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle about the events that transpired.
"We have investigated the incident, determined who placed the message in the restroom, and are administering consequences. [Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act] prevents me from providing further details about the discipline."

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