Wednesday 17 April 2019

California teacher reveals ‘far, hard left’ abortion, sex ed policies of unions: ‘We are being used by very powerful organizations’

Teachers' unions are attempting to indoctrinate young children into thinking that far-left ideals are the norm, according to a California school teacher.
Rebecca Friedrichs, a 28-year veteran of California public schools, also penned an op-ed for Fox News titled " Pro-life teachers, your union dues fund abortion."

What are the details?

Speaking with co-host Ainsley Earhardt, Friedrichs explained how teacher unions are bringing liberal ideas in to the classroom.
Addressing Friedrichs' column, Earhardt said, "You start off talking about a very touchy issue that people have a lot of opinions about. And you talk about abortion and then you talk about how, as a California teacher, these left-leaning groups are pushing their agendas on our kids. Tell us what's happening in California."
Friedrichs said that the agenda isn't even left-leaning — they are "far, hard left groups" advocating for their causes.
"What's going on right now in California specifically is we passed a law requiring some very offensive sex-ed," Friedrichs said. "You've had another guest on whose told you a little bit about that sex-ed: forcing teachers to tell little children that at age 12 they have the right to go get an abortion without their parents' knowledge or permission."
"And the schools will help them get there and help them fund it," she added.
Earhardt asked, "How is this getting into our schools? Who is funding this?"
Friedrichs explained that the teachers' unions are pushing the agenda into the schools.
"What's shocking is teachers have no idea," she revealed. "People think teachers are these far-left people pushing this stuff. That is a lie. Teachers are these — most teachers are good, loving people and many of them are against abortion and are against sexualizing little children. But we are being used by very powerful organizations."
"The teachers' unions collect about $5 billion a year tax-free from teachers, and they use that money to push their personal social, sexual, and political agenda into our schools," Friedrichs added.
She also asked that her fellow educators start a boycott against the unions and stop making payments to the unions.
"All teachers across the country, in fact, all government employees are now free to pay unions nothing," Friedrichs said. "We are still unionized. We're still forced to accept their representation. They're still bullying us and steamrolling us, but we don't have to pay them any longer. And I hope and pray that teachers will stand together and stop paying them. And I'm hoping we can eventually get them out of our schools." "

What else?

In her Sunday column, which was adapted from her 2018 book, "Standing Up to Goliath," Friedrichs also explained that teachers' unions subsidize abortions and finance Planned Parenthood.
Friedrichs, who was the lead plaintiff in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association — a 2016 Supreme Court case on forced union dues — wrote, "Years ago, as a California teacher, I was shocked to learn that state and national teachers' unions collude with Planned Parenthood. They use teacher dues money and resources — behind our backs and against our wills — to bring the abortion industry into our schools."
"Many of our nation's public schools require teachers to instruct children as young as 12 on how and where to obtain birth control — including the morning-after pill and abortions — without parental knowledge or permission," she added. "If teachers refuse to teach this, the law mandates 'experts' like Planned Parenthood take over the classroom."
In her column, Friedrichs also points to the California Teachers' Association and the National Educational Association as examples of unions that donate to leftist causes and work with leftist groups such as the Women's March, the SPLC, and more.
You can read her full column here.

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