Wednesday 10 April 2019

Activist shares bizarre, disturbing bathroom photo to show men can get periods. Internet shuts activist down fast.

Activist Ericka Hart shared a highly disturbing photo on Twitter to convince people that men can get periods.
As biology says — as well as the majority of responses in the Twitter thread — men cannot, but that didn't stop Hart from trying to coerce others otherwise.

What did the tweet say?

In a now-viral tweet, the activist wrote, "Left a present in the men's bathroom as a reminder that any gender can get their period and use whatever bathroom they want!"
The "present" in question was a drop of blood on the floor.

She continued, "Now, I see what also will cause so much stress other than talking about white supremacy, a little period blood.
"I think it's so interesting what people will use to be anti-Black," Hart added. "This time its some fake disdain that custodial workers will have to clean this up meanwhile there is nothing on any of your pages advocating for custodial workers to get paid more. Its deflection from your actual disdain of period blood anywhere.
"Your disdain for gender NOT being binary," Hart insisted. "Your disdain for a Black femme not using her platform to inspire you in the ways that you think every breast cancer survivor should. Its [sic] a whole lotta of deflecting in the name anti Blackness."

How did the internet respond?
Needless to say, the majority of the responses to Hart's original photo were not exactly in agreement.
One user responded by pointing out that Hart's intention was good, but her execution wasn't exactly on point.
The user wrote, "Sis, I truly love what you stand for, & I deeply respect your platform based on body positivity & intersectional feminism. However, i don't think it's the best way to promote an important cause. It's a bit unsanitary & men are usually obtuse, so they're not gonna connect the dots."
Another added, "I can't tell if this is satire or real anymore."

Another user pointed out that menstrual cycles are probably the last thing on a man's mind when he goes into a public stall in a men's room and sees blood on the floor.
"Walk in see that. Have these thoughts in this order, 1. Which part of the dudes body did that come from? 2. Probably fingers or face. 3. Accident at work or beating? 4. How many sheets do I need to cover it with before I sit down for a s**t. 5. AIDS At no point do I think period," the user wrote.
Another user concluded, "This is a 'no' for me. I dislike when people don't clean up after themselves in a bathroom. It's gross and inconsiderate of the people who use it after you."
"I would think it was a zipper malfunction and have a moment of silence for a fallen brother," another user suggested.
Yet another user pointed out that Hart just left an unsanitary mess for an underpaid worker to clean.
"By leaving a mess for a low wage worker who has to clean both bathrooms, and depending on local policy may now have to use special cleaners and spend more time. So brave of you," the user wrote.
At the time of this writing, Hart's photo has received more than 1,300 likes, but more than 6,300 comments — a vast, overwhelming majority of which criticize Hart for leaving her bodily fluids behind.

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