Sunday 11 March 2018

Amazing Colorful Igloo

Daniel Gray and Kathleen Starrie, students from New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, decided to spend their break together in snowy Edmonton Canada. Since both of them are studying engineering, Kathleen’s mother gave them a special project to complete before heading back. They both took her up on the idea and got to work. By the time they finished it, everyone was awestruck by what they had created. So much so that it has gone viral on the internet. It has been seen by millions of people all around the world now! Take a look at what they built in the pictures below. 

Here they are clearing out some space for their project.

They colored some milk cartons, froze them and started to fill them around the empty circular space.

Here they are building the spiral (foundation). Keep going!

They’re laying even more frozen milk cartons on top. Keep scrolling this is about to get good.

Close up picture of Daniel and Kathleen. The circle is getting even taller.

Another view of the work in progress. What could this be?

Little side note, this is all the cartons they used in their amazing creation.

That is a lot of cartons. Just wait till you see the end result of using all of them!

Another progress picture. The circle is getting taller and taller.

At this point it’s really starting to look like something.

Almost done!

And… It’s finally finished. It’s a beautiful igloo with lights inside.

Here is how it looks from the entrance. You can see the kind of lighting they have set up in there.

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