Tuesday 13 February 2018

This Poor Scottish Boy Is All Alone At School (14 Pics)

10 year old Aron Aronson from the Scottish island of Out Skerries (with a population of 70) is the only kid at the Skerries Community School since the island is so small. 
Aron has two classrooms, a library and a playground all to himself - but no-one to play with.

Aron wants to be a fisherman like his father when he grows up. But for now he lives with his mother and father and his best friends are his dog, some local ducks, and resident flocks of sheep.

Aron says, “It is quite weird sometimes – not having anyone else at school. But I like this island. I can ride around and explore on my bike; in summer I can swim in the sea and jump off the pier.”

Until recently the school had a number of pupils, including Aron’s brothers Ivan, 13, and Owen, 16, alongside friends Ethan, 12 and Scott Arthur, 16.
All have now left for secondary school on nearby Lerwick, two-and-a-half hours away by boat, returning only at weekends and for holidays, weather allowing.

His exclusive education costs the local council £75,357 ($113,000) per year, more than double the price of a boarder’s place at Eton.

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