Tuesday 2 January 2018

Bears Acting Scarily Similar To Humans (32 Pics)

You gonna help us or just stand there?
Well, hello there, ladies!
Mmm… Let’s see how my stocks are doing today
Where’s the cake?
I should probably buy a jet ski…
Best. Decision. Ever!
Faster, dude, faster!
They definitely can’t see me now
Now… All I need is a TV…
Shakesbear: to bear or not to bear?
Just having a drink with the guys after work
I regret nothing!
Well, she clearly likes me…
I am skipping kindergarten today!
I said no photos today!
Wow, is it noon already?
OMG your boots are PRECIOUS!
Oh YES, that’s the spot!
You gonna help me push or you just take pictures?
Worst. Pool. Ever.
I’m sexy and I know it!
Just me in Alaska #beautiful #eyes #nomakeup #nofilter
Easy, lemme fix this
Taking a moment to reflect this weekend
I bet you can’t do this without 4 years of yoga practice
So… you skipping classes too?
You must be that tall to go for a dive

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