Wednesday 25 October 2017

Man allegedly raped his mother after argument over money

A Cincinnati man allegedly raped his 63-year-old mother and broke her neck earlier this year after an argument about money, according to a report.
The 46-year-old suspect, according to court documents cited by the Cincinnati Enquirer, “dragged her around the home, punching her in the face and body” during the brutal attack in March. The suspect also “forcibly raped her” and left his mother with serious injuries — including a fractured vertebra in her neck, bruises, cuts and bite marks on her inner thighs and back, the documents show.
The newspaper declined to identify the suspect — who is facing charges of rape, felonious assault and kidnapping — in order to avoid identifying his mother, a sex crimes victim. Opening statements in his trial are expected to begin Tuesday after a jury was selected in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on Monday.
Prior to jury selection, a prosecutor told Judge Charles Kubicki that the victim ran naked to a neighbor’s house for help after the alleged assault — but was stopped by the suspect, who grabbed his mother and threw her “back over the fence,” a prosecutor said.
The man’s mother later called police when he fell asleep inside the home, where he was still snoozing when cops arrived to arrest him. He told police he couldn’t remember what happened and claimed “he had no knowledge as to how she was injured,” court documents say.
The man was released from jail in March and then returned to his mother’s house and “tried to gain entry,” according to a motion by prosecutors to increase his bond.
The man was blocked from getting back inside by relatives at the home. A judge later increased the suspect’s bond to $500,000 on March 10. He’s been in custody since then, the Enquirer reports.

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